**Fretting Hand Technique Explained**

Lesson Starts at the 4 Minute Mark.

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I do have issues with bar chord !!! In Watching this video, you have mad it very clear on how to overcome this issue. Using this information will help me to do everything that I can to push myself even harder now !!! Thank you.

I want to thank you for these lessons. Thank you !!!
I’m a little past beginner stage and Ive been working on, Playing along with blues backing track and I’m doing better now than I was a month ago when I started. I’m excited to watch your course here. Thanks again.

love it you’re such a great teacher

I have an old injury on my index finger that prevents it from hyper extending as you have suggested (it’s called mallet finger). I can’t even quite get it straight. Can you offer any ideas for playing crisp bar chords? Thanks for the video :-)

Fingers curled, finger placed right behind the fret, practice, practice, practice the bar chord.

Dear sir,
Thank you for teaching the foundation skills in playing the guitar.
I learnt the value of playing on fingertips and curling the knuckles.
I am a teacher. a Sri Lankan. Music is my hobby. However, I am an absolute beginner in learning the guitar at the age of 43.
Thank you once again.
Good luck!
Gog bless!

I’m 64 and trying to learn guitar for the first time. Oh my. I appreciate the free lessons. Thanks so much. Getting my knuckles to bend is a real challenge. Anyway. Will practice now.

It looks like you probably get this a lot, but I am 64 and picking up guitar and am determined to be successful in my efforts. However, I don’t really find techniques that would assist older players. I want to learn fingerstyle and have a long way to go of course, but I ’tis difficult for me to follow cord fingering on minors, sevths, diminished, etc. I need to see it close and slowly :)
Have any suggestions? I am starting your free course now, and hope to continue. Like your teaching approach better than others, but of course, being there would be better.
Thanks for these introductory courses

I am a 57 year old trying to play for first time. You make some very good remarks regarding perseverence vs talent. One needs to practice and pay attention to details. Being a slow learner and a bit too “analytical” in all that I do… it is time to just pick up the guitar and start practicing. Thx for the fresh start!

I am a 48 year old man trying to learn to play for the first time. I just want to say thank you for telling me about the
Finger place meant it has truly helped me so much better. I know that I have a long way to go still because my fingers still hurt. But I am now doing much better thanks to your help. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for what you do.

I am a total beginner….dont even know what a cord is…so not sure where to start.

I appreciate your awesome clear instruction on bar chords. Fingers hurting but I now have a clearer understanding of technique! Thank you. I need to effing practice now!

Great Lesson Erich, I really appreciate these tutorials. I have a Lot of practicing ahead of me, and your tips are golden. Many thanks.

Extremely basic for me but good advice just the same. I was wondering when intermediate or advanced was going to come though. But good advice for beginners.

You really helped me figure out how to play bar chords. The repeat approach is key. Do it again and again and again, and eventually “mute tones” on each string will start disappearing – thanks Eric!

Great “basic principles” lesson. Well explained and thoroughly demonstrated. Thank you much.

guitar player and a singer

Im a Singer songwriter who finally just couldnt take my own sucky acoustic guitar playing anymore…you just sold me on that knuckle trick . Wow……feel like Im hopelessly but but maybe there is actually is hope.

CommentThank you for pointing this out to me, it makes god sense. I’m going to practice this .

Really, really helpful fretting techniques for a beginner. I understand your comments about practising, but my 2 key ‘problems’ at the moment are I) my fingertips are painful pretty quickly, and ii) I have small hands, so I have difficulty stretching my fingers to the correct part of the frets. I guess I) will sort itself out in time, but are there any specific exercises I can do to improve the reach of my fingers? Just spread them apart as far as possible 20 times a day, for example?