**Fretting Hand Technique Explained**

Lesson Starts at the 4 Minute Mark.

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I have enjoyed this video greatly. I have also bought your book on how read music

I Like learning about the difference in sounds that comes from the different types of pick ups. I always thought it was the amp.

I was really enlightened about playing on your fingertips and what you said about Bar Chords. Thanks for what you put out that’s free.

Erich offered me a lifetime membership to the UGS for free because I’m active duty Air Force. This alone was enough to make me orient towards him. After Gaining access, I realized that his system is more organized that that of any other program out there. Right off the bat I’m understanding scales more than ever before, and I thought I knew scales because I’m self taught. Erich is In depth and easy to understand because he teaches on “our level”. The guys that can’t afford guitar teachers. I’m thankful that he gave me a shot and his teachings are much more easy to understand than any book you’re going to read. Stop doing thi by yourself and invest in the program. It’s more than worth it.


a loud session and a crowd awakening

I have been playing for several years and I have been making several of the mistakes mentioned here. To be specific, I don’t play on my fingertips and I don’t get my hand under the guitar with appropriate space.

  • Get the lifetime membership and you will have a guitar life coach for life! Totally worth it!

I’ve learn a lot. Thanks so much.Would you kindly elaborate on how do you know when to change a chord while playing

this is an amazing thing that you can do for us beginners.. thank you and God Bless!!

Great video! I am a bass player that wants to learn guitar. I think this will help alot.

really like your work and teaching style!

great work you are doing and easy to understand it

I have been a auto mechanic all my 40 years of working my fingers are big enough to touch the other string and it is difficult to bend my fingers and hold my hand and I am 66 years young is there another way to use the fret board?

  • I’ve seen a. Number of accomplished guitar players playing flat almost like a keyboard.

The description of proper curling of the finger tips was a tremendous help. I’ve been using a finger exercising device to strengthen my fingers and your techniques showed me a better way to exercise. Thanks. Jim

It’s good to here with like minds who share one thing in common; the guitar. I’ve always had passion for music and I still do. In other to nurture these passion I bought myself a guitar two months ago. To be candid, it’s been a wonderful experience since I bought my first acoustic guitar except for the pain I still feel on my fretting fingers from exacting pressure on the steel strings of my acoustic guitar. I grew up in an environment where my love for music was unable to thrive and there was little or no nurturing. Am all grown up now and am not ready to give up on this passion. In furtherance of this life long dream, I have been taking courses on music theory online and even singlehandedly taught myself how to play the recorder, which to some people isn’t much of a big deal. I have learnt so much about the guitar especially online. Presently, I’ve gotten a hold on few guitar chords, with that achievement marking the beginning of a long journey to being an advance level guitarist. My thirst for perfection and more knowledge led to finding “theguitarsage” which am now a big fan of. In one of the videos I learnt about “”. There is no doubt about it, I know am in the right place.

I started playing the guitar three years ago and would safely say I’m an advanced beginner. I started with the free utube videos but wanted more formal instruction to understand the “Ys”. The other utube method which I won’t name wasn’t cutting it so I decided to go with in person lessons. The first two instructors were musicians not teachers in my book. The third person I tried was a grade school music teacher who was a better piano than guitar teacher (lol). So I continued to watch different utube lessons and found the guitarsage approach great for my learning style. I like lessons broken down and the idea of building a good foundation. After going through the unstoppableguitarsystem free classes I decided it would be a great investment to join the ranks of the lifetime members which I purchased this am. I’m not a kid but I don’t consider myself “over the hill.” I enjoy staying busy and guitar is a great pastime when I’m not taking care of everyone else! Very Very relaxing. Plus the grandkids thinks it’s cool and I Want them to know who JOHN DENVER was lol !
Thank you
PS Guitar Mastery Simplified is a great addition to the videos!

I had a brain stem stroke, compounded by severe spinal stenosis, it is not a pretty picture. The F first position chord I have been playing forever is out of reach for now, I am basically startling anew. Any physical therapy recommendations. I gave my Strat to my son, shucks, I’ll buy another one. The cramps are the worst part f it.

I’ll open this up and see what I have. Thank you, Mike

how do you curl your ring finger when its reaching for the 6th string???

Extremely helpful I’m 82 yrs old learning guitar was only thing on my bucket list. Had 3 private lessons, was frustrated by muting strings while attempting to play chords. Now I understand proper technique, and have something to work on . Thanks for making so simple to understand !

Thanks. I really appreciate it!