**Fretting Hand Technique Explained**

Lesson Starts at the 4 Minute Mark.

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Thanks Erich, great video I have become a little lapse in my rush to try and play something and the video has helped me identify some of the areas I need to improve on and adjust my technique.

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    You are welcome Stewart. I know sometimes I just need a push or reminder too!

Thank you Sir for these tips. I have been playing guitar for decades but any help is accepted with gratitude. I am happy for todays learner as resourses like these were hard to come by in the earlier days of my learning.

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    I TOTALLY agree! If I had some of these resources when I was a kid, it would have made everything SO much easier.

Thank you so much!!! I’ve been learning on my own and have devoloped really bad habits from not being properly taught the right techniques. The curling the knuckle is going to open up a whole new game for me!!!

It’s really great what you’re doing here!

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    Thank you Greg. It’s funny how the tiniest of details can make a huge impact.

Thank you great video, however my bar chords (suck) someone told me that my guitar was too big and that you probably will never be able to do barr chords, what is you opinion on that. I am female small, 60 , played 37 years ago and picked it up again this past January, its great except for the barr chords. I am still practicing though. Awaiting your next video.

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    Angie, guitar too big or strings too far off the fretboard. I always say to try some other guitars so that you have something to compare your to. Preferably another guitar players guitar that is most likely set up correctly. I can play bar chords on guitars that have really high action, although it’s not very fun. I believe you can do it unless your guitar is WAY out of wack.

Thanx Erich , this Video is Huge ,I was playing Bar-Chords before, but seemingly they just got Better…pretty Cool,, thanx again man…I look forward to your next Video’s…

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    AWESOME!!! I love to hear this! If one isn’t shown a magic trick, how will one know what to do, right? That’s how I feel about guitar. There are some techniques to learn that open it all up!


First off, thank you!

I have been playing guitar for 2 years and have learned 100% via the “inter-webs”. I started with watching simple videos and picking up open chords to play covers. It was cool for me because I could play what (sorta) sounded like songs rather than single notes/scales etc.

The down side to that (and the inherent limitations of not sitting with a “real” person) is the lack of proper foundational technique. This video in particular was SUPER HELPFUL and I want to say thank you again.

The specific tips you gave here that I like are: Curling my last knuckle…sweet. Hyper extending my finger for barre chords… sweet.

I have no doubt that it’s hard to give detailed lessons on Youtube etc in 3 or 4 minutes (much less for free) so I very much appreciate the clear and deliberate delivery of this video and am looking forward to more.

Thanks again! I too want “non-suckage” with my playing. You are very helpful and I appreciate your lessons greatly!

Thanks one last time!


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    Geo, that message was awesome. That is my rocket fuel to keep going. So glad those bits helped you. Thank you for letting me know.

Great video….gave me some things to work on to improve further. Encouraged me to give bar chords a try. Will provide more feedback after I try the techniques.

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    Thanks Wally. You WILL be playing bar chords. TRUST ME! Just keep practicing, but use these techniques. They will save you SOO much time.

Good lesson! the ‘curling’ technique is helpful.

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    Thanks Dave. So easy, but ninja trick for sure.

Thanks Erich. I enjoyed watching your video and tricks.They are going to help me.
I am in my 40’s, fingers a bit stiff and not as flexable as a seven year old. Do you have any tricks for 5th string bar cords as I stuggle with the ring finger baring the 2nd, 3rd and 4th without muting the 1st string.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

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    Way to go Robert! We have plans to get some of THESE questions answered in video #3 which we will let you know about in the next few days! There is ALWAYS a trick or technique though. I’ll cover it!

  • I have exactly the same problem – I am a beginner in my late 50s. I have almost no hyperextension in any of my finger joints – it makes barring 2nd/34d/4th, almost impossible, without disturbing the 1st string.

Well, what a pleasent surprise! I wish I could have taken lessons from you in person! Good information presented in a clear, consice manner. I still am having problems with the 2nd and 1st strings when barring the F maj and F #, but do pretty good from G and above. Just have to practice I guess. Anyway, I sure enjoyed this one and am waiting impatiently for the next one.

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    I would love to get together one on one with every student. It hurts my heart to think that some people feel they are not “cut out” for guitar, when in fact, they just have not been shown the right stuff.

Sorry for the additional comment. It wont’ let me edit my existing one like says it should. Oh well. I just analyzed my playing and I can definitely use some more tweaking on fret position, curling, and my thumb placement. I realized as I played that my thumb is often wrapped around the neck. My chords sound fine, but when I try to play them with proper thumb placement, it feels awkward. That makes me realize how long I’ve been doing it. :-) Thanks for the tweaks. Great things to keep in mind as I attempt to improve.

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    SWEET! I love to hear stuff like this! FUEL!!!

Thank you Eric… More to Practice now!!!

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    That’s it BABY!

The video is awesome. You are awesome!! I find the bar chord tips very helpful. Looking forward to see video #2. Thanks a lot for sharing your time to make these videos and your knowledge.

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    You are SOO welcome Jodie. Thank you for commenting!

Great Video. I have arthritis in my fingers, especially in my left index, but I play through the pain. I really think it helps me hands by exercising them. Thanks man~

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    Thanks Ken. I have had arthritis in both my hands since I was about 20. We gotta battle through it. Keep the faith bro!

Cheers Erich,i look forward to the next video.

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Hi Eric, Nice start to the basics. I have been trying to play for a couple of years but don’t feel I improve much. Now I know it’s obvious but it isn’t always possibe to have all finger tips behind the frets when playing chords as your video shows, but my problem is where to put my first finger on bar chords, high across the strings or lower down. To high and the bottom of my finger mutes the first and second string, to low and the string sits in the groove behind my knuckle. Either way I don’t get enough pressure on the strings, but I guess it’s just practice…practice. Great videos.

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    Yes, the practice will increase your strength and technique.

Thanks for the info. Good review. I’ve always thought I should play in the middle of the fret, not right next to the fret, to thanks!

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    That’s it my friend!