**Strumming Hand Technique Explained**


Download the PDF for this video below.  Strumming hand technique explained.  Enjoy :)

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Not worrying about a chord lets me concentrate on the rhythm. Also the tip about the.53 pick is helpful.

Thanks so much Erich – I have been having some difficulty with strumming particular songs – this will really help :)

I think you have come so far from when I started watching you, this has gone up so many levels you are by far the best. the time you take all the things you do you are really great and I’m glad to have made you my choice and taken this journey with you.

feeling more confident already

Erich, I just recently started watching your videos on youtube. I think your an amazing player and wonderful teacher you keep all of your lessons fun and entertaining. Its amazing how much ive come along with my playing because of you thank you for being a cool guy and sharing the knowledge that plenty of people have yet to figure out about this beautiful insrument.

I have been looking for a “Plan” to start my guitar journey. I need a plan of attack. I didn’t want to feel like going to the gym and just randomly using different machines and throwing whatever weight on the machine. I want a course of action to get better.

Great video!… Thank for reminding me about the pick gauge!

Having had a stroke Eric, I find video’s #1 and #2 extremely helpful in my rehab. I play them over and over to exercise my right hand and arm. These video’s and you are a God send, and I do mean it! Thanx Eric.

Erich, I’ve been learning for a couple of years and frequently reach plateaus with no apparent progress and lots of frustration. I decided to go back and watch videos 1 and 2 again and they include excellent reminders on basics that I’ve forgotten over time. It’s easy to develop bad habits but you help keep me on track!


too much talking

I’d like to know such basic thing as how to hold a pick from this video. Also, right hand over guitar neck is really good advice.

I almost quit trying until I found your instructional videos…thank you for your thoroughness and encouragement!

  • staff

    NO….never quit trying! So, So glad you found us!!!! Please, stay in touch and let me know how you are coming along! Keep rockin’ e:)

absolutely brilliant

  • staff

    Thank you my friend! Cheers mate! e:)

great pointers to pay attention to till they become second nature Thanks

  • staff

    That’s right my friend! And you are so welcome! e:)

Thank you! You are not just detailed with instructions, but an excellent instructor to explain and not talk to fast or play without slowing down the speed. Why won’t you tell me how much the course is after the 2 weeks instructions. I need to be able to continue. Checking my budget. Again, thank you I want to take classes but you did not send the ebook .

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    Hi Brian, Thank you for your very kind comment.. Price for the course: $40/month or $399 for lifetime membership. e:)
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    Thank you Karlos. Please. stay in touch! e:)

Enjoyed the video, especially the last strumming pattern. Thanks!!

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    You are welcome Barry. Good to know it helped! e:)

Thanks I need lots of help on my strumming technics..this is a great lesson mike

  • staff

    You are so welcome and good to hear it helped! e:)