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The Recording for this Live Webcast is not available anymore.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  You may move onto Video 4: Results.  Thank you.



**The Video Cuts Out At 1:20 So Hang In There It Comes Back Online Around 3:42 (Little Technical Problems in the Beginning) 

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Why do you not put this out on DVD to buy so that people who are slower at learning can put it in and take the time they need to get the same results. I my self would pay for this DVD set from you because I know that the more I watch the video’s the more I learn from them. Thank you for this chance for me.

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great lessons

  • staff

    Thank you my friend! Stay in touch! e:)

Just blues guitar music

Cant get the video to run ! Bumbed out cause I love this stuff.

  • staff

    I have a ton more Q and A’s like that at my spreecast channel. Here is the link my friend:

Thanks for answering my question – it’s given me new impetus to carry on and that I will get there given time and a bit more practise, practise, practise!!!

  • staff

    You got it Angela!!!

Cool Q n A Erich, thanks, learned a lot.

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    Awesome Martha! Thank you! :)

thank u for the help you have done because of u i and my bro learnt a lot thank u sooooooooooooo much

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    Rawk on Ramesh! Thanks buddy.

great stuff need more thanks

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    Thanks Paul! :)

GIBSON,TAKAMINE,YAMAHA.I have a OVATION What do you think about his sound?

I m not able to download it…. :-(

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    Sorry. This was a live recording with the help of our friends at spreecast. :)

Man I can’t watch it on my iPhone,

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    It’s a LIVE recording. Requires flash for super high tech stuff like that. :)

couldn’t play qna on iPad, wants flashy stuffs … love yr vids E … well done!

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    Thanks man!

Enjoyed the live webcast last night. Thanks for the tips on hammer on’s and pulls for those bothersome ring and pinky fingers!

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    Awesome Jonin! Thanks for attending!

Are the webcasts being recorded, so I can watch and see what I missed?

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    You can watch the recording on this page.. Above


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    You’re great!

thnkx erich..u rr doing a great job..keep it up

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    Thank you! :)


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    Hello my friend!

Thanks for your time and sharing.

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    You are welcome Thom! :)

So great for doing this. I’m sorry for not attending, but I’m sure you helped a lot of people.

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    Please make time for the next one. You will truly enjoy it.