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It takes a guy with a big heart and a love for music to do what you do. Rock on my friend!

Listening to these results have helped me understand even more
That by learning with a good system from an excellent teacher
Will get the results to the goals that one can desire!
Thank you bro…. God bless you!

what i need to learn as advanced player??

It’s terrific t hear such good results from your teaching method — it would have been better had your students done some playing on the guitar (what they most valued learning from you)

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    Thank you glorianyartist! I appreciate your kind comment. Hope all is well with you! e:)

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    Thank you Benny. e:)

Great advice on the fretting video, I teach drums and know how important it is to stay relaxed and not tense up. It’s like video games, kids keep at it and don’t give up till they get through that level. Repetition works your joints and muscles and eventually it comes. Great Stuff. Thanks

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    Thank you Cliff. I appreciate the kind comment! You are so right. Those that don’t excel are not willing to "keep at it " and they give up too soon. I still practice after all these years! e:)

Thank you. I think this is going to be really, really useful for me. Greetings from Argentina.

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    You are so welcome Angelus! So nice hearing from Argentina and so sorry it took so long getting back to you! e:)

thank you some great stuff here for a beginner like me….very informative and well structured

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    So glad to hear that Terry. How’s it going? e:)


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    Thank you Alexander! Appreciate it! e:)

Awesome advanced licks video, Eric. I know what I want to play in response as I hear it in my head; but translating that onto the fretboard is another matter :-( . I need to begin to learn how to play properly, rather than just tinkering around. Many thanks :-) x

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    Take it slow Emma and then go for the speed. It will come naturally! How have you been doing? Sorry so long in getting back to you. So many vids to make …so little time! e:)

great stuff, I’ve been playing for a very long time, mostly rhythm and vocals whathaveyou, but basic rudimentary scales, pentatonic and so forth I never really sat down and worked on it, this is a great site and I’m going to be using it a lot more for sure, I want to be a proficient lead player and know where to go….and where not to go, love it…nice work ERICH

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    Hello there! I am thankful for the really kind words. I know you can really do it. With proper techniques and practice, you will be very proficient. All the best to you!

I’m having a issue where I have to turn my literal speakers up to max to hear you, other than that everything is great.

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    Hello my friend. You can also adjust the video volume on the player or the speaker volume via your computer’s mixer where you can control the browser volume and other active programs. Hope this works!

VIdeo #3 isn’t working. Would you look into that?

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    Thank you for the reminder my friend. Spreecast lost EVERYTHING on their servers a few months back including this video. I have many others however that have been recorded since then at: Please let me know how I can help!

First of all i am 63 years old, I have tried playing guitar off and on since I was 14 years. I have tried teachers, guitar books, records, tapes, friends, VHS,cds and lessons on the internet.. Luckily I found Erich Andreas on the internet. and bought his book and his ebook bundles and have learned more in just a few weeks than I have ever learned. Maybe his teaching has awakened things I used to know, just never put it together till now. Would love to buy his full course but since I recently took early retirement, my funds are a litlle short. Now I have the time to spend watching his videos. I really wished I find him site before I spent all the time and money on worthless web sites that said become a guitar god in 30 days..Erich can look any way he wants on his videos as long as I can continue to improve my guitar playing .. Erich, you book is great and I recommend to all of your students and people who follow you on facebook and the internet.. This old vietnam vet endorses you as a outstanding teacher of guitar mastery..

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    Thank you so much friend! I truly appreciate the kind words. That is rocket fuel for my day. I truly love teaching and am SO glad that you are getting much from the lessons.

    I also SO appreciate your dedication to this country. When I was a kid, I was considering the military, but music got hold of me at an early age. However, I have been always fascinated with that kind of dedication. Vietnam especially holds a place in my heart since I was born in 1969. Please let me know how I can help with your playing. I also have 500 plus free videos at AND I’m getting ready to release some courses that are one-time purchases only and don’t require monthly subs. If you get emails from me, then you will get notification. If not, feel free to sign-up for emails from me at Thank you again my friend!!!

Wish I lived closer…You are the right fit for all sorts of different levels and types of guitar playing students…..

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    Thanks friend! :)

Erich, It is so Koop to hear how others have benefited from your training. I have learned a lot from your videos. I was playing them but I had not heard why. Great Job!

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    Thank you so much my friend!

Loved it.
Really enjoy how you teach Erich.
Many thanks.

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    Thank you so much Alan! Please let me know how else I can help you.

Erich, many pepople say you’re great, amazing, good, perfect. etc.
I agree with all of them. But I’d rather say 1 simple phrase.

You know, I’ve been searching to download your lessons somewhere ‘cause media piracy is normal in country I live.
But I’m not going to search for free stolen material from you anymore. Now I’m ashamed of this.
I’m really gonna join your system because you gave me faith and assertiveness in becoming a great musician.
Now I know my lovely EJ-200 is great. It was just my fault she didn’t sound right.

Best wishes from Ukraine!
Good luck my friend, see you soon! ;)

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    Igor, thank you so much for that super kind message. I truly appreciate it. Yes, piracy discourages content creators as if they don’t make any money they go back to doing what makes them money. Often times that something is not related to the arts. Thank you for your honesty and may it serve you well in your life. Please let me know if you have any questions about guitar. I am here for you!


PS You are a great guitar teacher

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    :) Thank you my friend.

awesome !!!

PS You’re a great guitar teacher!

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    Thank you so much my friend! Please let me know how else I can help.