**Final Lesson**

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Wow, i really get some things out of looking and practicing guitar.
I would like to bye the unstoppable guitar system, but im thinking about the language. I’m from Denmark and my English is not that good. Well, I understand the 4 videos, soooo….do you think that I can follow the videos whit this challenges?

Best regards from Søs

Thanks, doing the basics again helps. Amazing how lazy you can get as you play more.
Thanks again

Very basic for me but these are important but I was looking for a more advanced subject.

Do you have any lessons for more advanced players? This stuff is important but very basic.

Just purchased Erich’s Guitar Mastery on amazon after viewing his videos. looking forward reading this book.

PS I should have noted that I know quite a few chords, but not the single notes

I am 83 yes young and determined to learn guitar.Thank you for the so helpful problem I have is that I try to play by ear so I don’t go by names of notes. My head says Do,re,me,etc or 1,2,3 so I’m having a hard time finding that on the fret board even tho I know what sound I want—hopeless?

Yes i agree.. having a vision…setting a goal…..learning a good system and
Practicing consistently….disciplined….and focused is the root of becoming
More than you can dream of….on the way….!

Hi sir i love ur way of teching and im most suportter and who watch ur videos
But im from middle east and dont know how to do for pay cauz we dont use credit card on my country
And i hope u find seloution for me so so soooon

That is the honest to God truth about Talent !

what i need to learn as advanced player?

I signed up for the $40./month plan, I’ve watched the first 5 video’s. How do I view other video’s? Can’t seem to figure it out on the website.

Great information and message as I am about to start my journey with a guitar. I look forward to the other lessons. Keep up the great work!

It’s hard to make a decision on what do you want to get from playing a guitar when you want everything. Tough question, indeed.

it was really helpful :) thanks a lot :)

Excellent advice. At 62yrs. young I needed that. Thank Erich

  • staff

    Congrats my man. Keep up the good work and so glad it helped. e:)

Great videos! And your book is brilliant! Thank you! 40 years old, and all I want to do is to be able to play well enough so I can just chill at a family get together and play on the guitar and actually have my family enjoy a little improv or whatever pops into my mind. :)

  • staff

    Can’t wait to hear back from you and how you are doing e:)

this sucks advertise $1 then $ 40 taken.,.,.,con artist

  • staff

    It’s a $1 trial as advertised my friend. $40 for several hundred videos. It’s a steal!

I’m in my 50’s and have always wanted to play guitar. Due to an accident where I had cut most of the tendons in my left hand and have permanent nerve damage I won’t be able to play right handed, but I found after purchasing a left handed guitar I can probably do o.k. left handed. All my life I have always done most things, except write, as a right handed person even though I am left handed. As I was watching your video I was thinking maybe this is going to be to hard for me to do. That was until you talked about your accident and the arthritis you have in your hands. This gave me what I needed to keep going and fulfill the dream. I know I’m going to need a lot of practice just to get the hands to work right, but I’m going to do it. Thanks for helping me get that bucket list done.

  • staff

    Thank you “wave” for your very touching comment. I also have some left handed vids on Youtube- yourguitarsage. Let me know how you are doing from time to time. e:)

I know that a ton of people have already said this, but I have to say it again…in my opinion you are a great guitarrist, an awesome teacher and whovever is your student must feel “super duper” lucky! I am starting myself at 18 years of age (going through the alien hands stage) and all of your videos have been really helpful :) Tanks and keep Rawkin’

  • staff

    Thank you Newbie…and know this, you won’t be a newbie for long if you practice and follow the vids! Let me know ! Cheers Mate!