**Final Lesson**

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Hi Erich, even though I play for some time, I still got some really important tips from you. You got me hooked on to view all the lessons in a row, because of the content but also of your tutorial skills. Thanks a lot!

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    Thank you so much my friend! I teach advance lessons as well. Please let me know how I can help.

Hello merci c’est cool (désolé mais mon anglais est trop limité) malgrè tout j’ai beaucoup aimé ton site tu es un bon pro avec des explications simples et une bonne approche spychologique. Thank you man!

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    You are so welcome my friend! So glad the videos are helping.

Hi again friend! :)

Erich, what do you know ‘bout thumbpick?
Why don’t you use it?

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    Igor! I do use a thumb pick on occasion. It makes the bass lines more pronounced and louder. Since that finger typically is not pointed straight into the guitar like the other fingers it’s more difficult to hit the string with a nail unless you’re playing classical style. Thumb pics will help with this.

Like you said Erich, there are great guitar players out there, but I must add that while there are a lot of professionals out there, not all of them know how to teach what they know. I can say that in your case you possess both great ability to play the guitar and most importantly for all of us who are learning, your ability to be a great teacher. I know a few people who are trying to help me get better adn they are really good but, but not all of them know how to teach.

Thanks for your continuous effort to help us better at this.

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    That is so kind Rene! I truly appreciate those words of encouragement. I’ve tried to break things down like I remember learning them. Please let me know how I can help.

I´m a little pro guitarist XD but it was some interresting information in all 4 lessons

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    :) thanks friend!

Hey Erich,
Can you teach us all the scales?
I’m an advanced guitar player, but I want to play solos and for that I need scales…
Maybe you can teach us how to learn them the easy way and how to switch between them in solos?

PS: you’re awesome!

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    I have you covered my friend! I cover them in detail in the unstoppable guitar system. We’re doing an offer right now or you can test drive the whole course for one dollar. However, if you don’t want to do that, go to YouTube and search, “YourGuitarSage scales” :)

i lik

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    Thanks friend!

good lesson

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    Thank you my friend! Please let me know how I can help.

thank you ninjas, now I know where I’m going wrong!!

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    YEAY!!! Thanks friend!

slow chord changes were the bain of my exsistance but since watching the video its no more speed has picked up and my mind now knows what it is trying to achieve thanks Mark

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    Thanks Mark! Tons of ninja tricks like this that will save you TONS of time. I learned most of these things the long way, but thought, “why not help other folks NOT have to go that route?”. Enjoy!

i still have completely no idea on how to play chords!!!!!! someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u r is such a shame i live too far away to get lessons from u!

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    Ah, but that is why this is so great! Right? Stay in touch zezy! e:)

is this 5 video course completeley free. 25 million views video on youtube said 100 dollars im kind of confused?

  • thank you so much for helping i just picked up my sisters old 3 quarter gitar a few days a go and literally had no idea how to play it. Your videos have taught me so much i reviewed your 25 million views video and i understand now you’ve taught me so much plz keep making videos. Rawk on!!!!

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    That’s awesome! Thank you for letting me know my friend. Many more videos coming your way!

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a man without vision is living dead! :o) your videos were very motivating for me to keep practicing guitar playing. thank you!!! simplicity leads the power! ;o)
Hannes from Austria

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    AMEN! THanks for sharing friend.

this is really awesome! you help me lot thanks for that! just keep going you are great man and teacher too !!

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    Thank you James! You made my day!

Great! Just what I needed for your capo version of let it be =)

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    Good to hear Maartje! Danke! e:)

You’re an awesome teacher. Thank you and thanks to the team too !

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    Thank you Sarah!

Thankyou for your final lesson which I enjoyed thoroughly, as usual. You are a great teacher, you explain things in terms that are easy to follow. This is not a skill a lot of people teaching guitar have. I have been able to improve things in my guitar playing, bad habits that I was previosly allowed to get into. Again Thankyou Erich.

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    My pleasure Martha! Thanks for the comment and watching all my videos. :)

Enjoyed your videos, they help this old man a lot. Thanks

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    Love hearing that Audle! Thanks my friend! :)

Erich I love ya man, but I wasn’t expecting the price tag on this thing. You will always be my Sage and I have learned tons of stuff from you. I regularly go back to lessons I’ve used before just to see if I mihgt have missed something. Your knowledge, teaching, style, and sense of humor are awesome. But I am priced out. The Unstoppable Guitar Sytem is not for me. RAWK on Sage!!!!

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    Hey Mike! Thanks buddy. I had to create a course so that people anywhere in the world could become my student. Not everyone can be here in Nashville. :-) Keep rockin my friend!