**Final Lesson**

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Hey sage, your lessons are awesome! a few weeks ago I noticed that we had an old acoustic guitar in the closet (my Grandad bought it in the 70s under the impression that he was Willie Nelson..) so me and my girlfriend (who plays trumpet, not quite guitar but makes her more qualified than me lol) we changed the strings and got it in tune, and now I sit with it in front of the screen on these vids and your youtube vids, and they help so much! You have so much more personality than most youtube teachers. and you also seem to be one of the only ones that acknowledges that practice is the ultimatum here. Your videos have helped me so much! If I ever find someone who wants to learn guitar, I’m going to be showing them your awesome videos!
Thanks so much! :D

  • staff

    Thank you so much! I enjoy doing these videos to help you. Keep rockin my friend!

great video man – be good if I could send the link to some friends but will it work for them? (also I have never got video 1 to play for me??)

  • staff

    Thanks Mark. Yes it will work. Video 1 works fine, could you watch video 1 in a different browser and/or clear your cookies on your browser. Thanks buddy for the comment. I really appreciate it man!

i was wondering if in future lessons u could do more “Fingerpicking” tutorials???.. like the one u did with Kids by MGMT :) or Eleanor Rigby, pleease

  • staff

    I have some more fingerpicking videos inside the course. Thanks for the comment!

Just purchased a one month membership to test the waters, though I’m 110% sure it is well worth more than the asking price :)

  • staff

    Thanks Jacob for your purchase. The live webcasts and the added videos each month is well worth the asking price in itself. I can’t wait to do the Live Q&A webcasts with all all the members that’s going to be really fun! :-)

Just purchased a one month membership to test the waters, though I’m 110% sure it is well worth more than the asking price :)

  • staff

    Thanks my friend! Please let me know if you need any help!

Thanks for the video! Im kinda confused on the MAMMOTH lessons is that an Ebook that we can purchase? Or are the videos the MAMMOTH lessons?

  • staff

    View the Product Details page(link at top or on the right) to get the information about the MAMMOTH. :-)

I really like the fact that are very clear in all that you are teaching. You don’t go to fast. Thanks for teaching us with great lessons.

  • staff

    You are welcome Tanla. It’s my pleasure to be able to do this for you all. :-)